Natures Way Foods

Client:  Nature’s Way Foods, Selsey.

Nature’s Way Foods supplies washed and ready to eat salad, salad meals and premium prepared produce to major multiple supermarkets and leading companies in the food service sector. Based in Selsey, West Sussex.

Ann was invited in to work with more than 50 production managers and team leaders, delivering:

  • 360 feedback 
  • leadership and management development programmes for the same managers to create High Performing Teams
  • executive coaching sessions for senior managers

What We Delivered: 

The 360 feedback sessions are developed firstly by working closely with the client to identify what their company values are.  Ann then used this information to help the staff determine how close they are to achieving these aims, using their own assessment and outside input. The managers were encouraged to ask other people about their performance, to ensure a rounded ‘360 degree’ view.  All the information was then collated into individual reports, which Ann went through during confidential 1-2-1 sessions with each individual manager.

Ann helped identify strengths as well as areas where more work is needed, and helped show how each manager could develop the skills necessary to achieve more.

The feedback reports and sessions were then used to develop a three-day management development programme, involving the same 50 managers.

This covered a variety of topics, from identifying what a leader is and what they do, to how to coach your team to bring about effective performance.

The Results:  

“People coming out of the session were waxing lyrical about everything they had been doing, they were really raving about it.

“Ann delivers what I call the wow factor in her programmes. She has the ability to engage with people at every single level of the business. She is able to use her experience from her own life to bring her subject to life and illustrate exactly what she’s saying.

 “Ann says she genuinely wants to make better leaders, and anyone taking part in her programme can have no doubt she means it, her approach has total enthusiasm and sincerity.

“I want to do the best in everything I do, which is why I will only bring in the best people to work with. When it came to management training, there was no question about who would do it.  It would always be Ann”.

Kate Stewart, Manager Development and Training, Nature’s Way Foods

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